The sustainable spirit of archery


I offer personalized one on one instruction and coaching. The difference between coaching and instructing is an  instructor teaches fundamental techniques.  Instruction can also be as complex as bow tuning  and proper arrow selection and as simple as how to wear a finger tab. Coaching is more about personalized development or applying the fundamentals so as to reflect the individual. Coaching often gets into one's mental approach and strategy for achieving one's goals. Coaching is often about helping to foster motivation in hopes of  getting the best performance out of  an individual. Coaching can benefit  someone  who has the fundamentals down and wants to take their performance to the next level.
Below is a small sample of topics for instruction  and or coaching:
Bow Tuning: Paper and Bare Shaft Bow Sight Installation. Sighting in a bow How to string walk Creating a shot program or sequence Preparing for a tournament Using a clicker Basic shooting form bare bow Basic shooting form compound with release (trigger) Basic shooting form compound with a back tension release How to shoot field archery How to shoot target rounds
These are but a few topics.There are hundreds of possible topics. The idea is to pick a path and learn and grow as you develop your skills and interest.