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The Artistic Approach to Archery

Archery Elegance is a venture into the world of personalized archery support. The support comes by way of 28 plus years in the sport of archery.  My mission is to help those interested in developing  archery knowledge and skill. My hope is with these new skills one could foster in a more  dynamic form of  archery. Archery can be much more than flinging arrows at camp once a year. Archery can be a sustainable source of physical, mental and spiritual well being.
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The Context Of Technology
One of the misguided concepts people have about traditional forms of archery and more modern forms is that the old ways are more disciplined, hence more of a challenge. Most people do not realize how high the bar is set with modern bows and arrows. I shoot Longbows, Recurves, Compounds with release aids and Free Style Recurves (Olympic Recurve). The difference for me is what's possible for consistency. Consistency is the key to accuracy.  Skill is skill, and a good archer can shoot and understand all forms of the sport. My goal is to educate and create a more complete archer.
Site Content

The site will have basic to advanced information on archery. The navigation bar on the left will lead you to either technical papers and articles  or "my" experiences and ideas on the sport.
The important links on the left are:
Archery Tech - This section has articles information on archery.
Technical Papers - This section contains downloadable technical papers on shooting form, bow tuning and more.
Blog / Articles - Here are archery related articles, photos  and more.